Do all cable companies bundle wireless routers into their cable modems for both digital phone and Internet services?


I recently got an Arris TG1672G cable modem from Time Warner Cable (TWC) for its recent faster Internet upgrades and having both digital phone (eMTA) and Internet services. However, it has a wireless router built in. I was not happy with that. The old slower Arris TM502G one didn't have a built in router, so I used a Netgear R6300 router which was nice.

I found out that TWC didn't have any other cable modem models, with digital phone features and without their annoying internal wireless router. I read that these built in internal routers suck. I had to disable the new cable modem's internal wireless and router features (no firewall, enable bridge [no NAT], etc.).

Do these cable modems, with digital phone features, not exist these days? I wished there was a way to buy my own cable modem with digital phone service (no, I do not want to get two different cable modems to coax split -- have too many splitters already to make my signals ugly).

Thank you in advance. :)

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  1. Buy your own cable modem with the features you want that your ISP supports. Your own modem might be cheaper than the monthly ISP router rental cost over time. Wireless is handy for my various remote web cams, and hooking to my neighbors fios wireless router if my TWC is out of service.
  2. Does not have to be coax connected. Connect your router of choice between ISP modem and your lan with a Ethernet cable.
  3. I spend a year for a land line phone number and .007 cents a minute for in/outbound calls.

My solution was to buy a Cisco SPA122, configure it to use my voip sip provider, jacked in my analog phone and had dial tone.

You can get the Cisco SPA100 a little cheaper.

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