Cordless phone options please

Here is my problem- home office on one end of house - concrete garage
at least 100ft away. I was hoping to find a two-line system that
allowed for a corded phone in the office, and allow cordless
elsewhere, but maybe "repeating" the signal, i.e. piggybacking the
signal from the various units to the farthest location (the Garage)
My other solution my be a repeating antenna.
Or have you come across a strong cordless sytem?
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Use a wifi phone and voip. But by the time you shell out all that money it'll have been far simpler and less expensive to just run a wire for a telephone. Put a cordless base out in the garage and wire it up back to the house.
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Bill Kearney
I've yet to meet the cordless that rivals my best corded phone for voice clarity, handset comfort and freedom from "twangs." Like you, I'd run a wire since phone wire is so easy to run. I don't think I've ever seen a cordless phone repeater for sale in the US, although the UK has them for DECT phones. I don't recall where the OP was calling from . . .
While I've seen superpowered 900MHz phones listed on various sites:
formatting link
that claim up to 10km:
********************************************************************* CL-338 900MHz Long-Range/SOHO Cordless Phone System with Multi-Channel Auto Scan Brand Name: Voyager Key Specifications/Special Features: Base unit: 600mW Handset: 300mW Communication range: 1km to 10km Built-in voice scramble Vibration/ringing design on handset Multi-channel auto scan .... Listed by: George Tang Industrial Corp (Taiwan (ROC)) ******************************************************************
Could be a total fraud, an illegal product that can't be imported or worse, but it also could be the solution to the OP's problem. I'd buy one if the price was right . . .
-- Bobby G.
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Robert Green
Now this is the irony. The garage DOES have a spare Cat5e that I can use as telephone wire, but i cannot seem to find a cordless system that can mix multiple (more than two corded) phones with a bunch of cordless - they all seem to be One corded - multiple cordless. I am in one of theose typical town house - thin and long so the "intercom facility" that these cordless systems have is ideal
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I'm a Brit now in the US. :-)
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I've got some Uniden 5.8gHz phones and they've been great. I seem to recall they make two-line versions. I've mixed-and-matched the clamshell and the 'stick' type cordless ones. As long as they're marked as 5.8ghz digital they seem to work fine together. Our wired base actually never gets used and is positioned in the room that gives best coverage throughout the house. The rest have their own charging cradle. The system supports up to 10 handsets.
-Bill Kearney
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