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I've got a SPA-3000 recently. I disabled the possibility to switch from voIP -> PSTN when I want to make a call and that the VoiP provider is down. (I would like to avoid bad surprise on my phone bill.....)

However, I would like to force the SPA to use the PSTN line when I use some specific number...

Is there a possibility to do this ? like ' *9 ' -> to use the PSTN Line


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David M
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You mean if you dial some sequence from the telephone set connected to the "Line 1" (FXS) port of the SPA-3000? Sure: just craft a suitable dialplan in the "Line 1" panel of the "Advanced" admin setup. For instance, this dialplan, a subset of the one I use at home:


...would result, by default, in calls to the PSTN (the "gateway 0"), unless you dial "##" which will give you a dial tone (like dialing "9" on some PBX's to get the external line) prompting you for digits to be dialed through the main Voip account defined under "Proxy and Registration" and "Subscriber Information" in the same panel. To speed up the dialing and avoid a wait for digit timeout, just terminate your phone numbers with a "#", just as it's normally done when calling IDD.

Probably (but I haven't tested it) the behaviour you described above would require this dialplan:


If you don't want a dialtone after the "*9", just take out the "," after the "9".


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