SPA-3000 Analog Telephone Adapter ?

Would like to know that can SPA-3000 Analog Telephone Adapter foward incoming VOIP calls to a cell phone using PSTN phone line connected to it automaticallly without any delay or loss of quality . And would it disconnect the call automatically if the reciever of the call on cell phone disconnects the call or is there a possibality of whole system hanging inbetween at times when the person on cell phone disconnects the call .

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Yes, it can, although delay and quality may be affected by the latency of the VoIP connection. Anyway, I've been using for several months, without any problem, a setup based on a free DID account in Europe placing calls to the Sipura SPA-3000 in my home in Hong Kong, which in turn has a dialplan resulting in a straight call to my cellphone. Callers say they are surprised by how good the quality of the conversation is.

On the other hand, I haven't been able to get good quality if I forward the incoming VoIP call to a PSTN destination through a PSTN termination provider, using an Asterisk PBX in the middle: there is always a lot of echo. I suspect that the gateway tunes its echo cancellation on the delay of the first leg of the call (DID No. to PBX), and when the PBX bridges it with the second leg (PBX to PSTN termination) the overall delay is very different, screwing up the echo cancellation. If someone got this working, please let me know how.

It never happened to me: so far, everything works like a charm. If you want to do a test, contact me by e-mail at em ~at~ em ~dot~ no-ip ~dot~ com, and I'll send you my European DID number, that you may call with normal IDD after we make arrangements about the time (as you are in the GMT+1 time zone, this would fall in your morning time: in summertime I'm six hours ahead of you).


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