soho pbx part 2

First of all thanks for your answer. Two days ago I received the TDM400P card and I installed it in my PC following your advices and some docs found on digium website then I configured the driver, etc etc and now I have 1 FXS and 1 FXO port. I plug the rj1 phone plug into FXS and the rj11 plug of the line coming from the phone company into FXO (I read on internet there's no problem using rj11 jacks into rj45 TDM400P plugs). Now I have two problems:

1) when I pick up the phone I hear the normal dial tone but there is a lot of noise covering it. I think it may depend on the zaptel.conf file but I'm not sure. Is it possible to avoid that noise?? here's the 6-lines zaptel.conf: # phone fxoks=1 # phone line from phone company fxsks=4 loadzone=it defaultzone=it

Maybe should I change some value in this file?? There are many but I did'nt uncommented them not knowing what they are for.

2) WHen I pick up the phone and I compose a number nothing happens except for the busy tone coming after a lot of seconds as after a hungup. It seems like the pbx doesn't work. Is there a place where I can find an example (the easiest possibile) to connect a phone line to a telephone device through TDM400P PBX??

Thanks again


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