Hi, I'd like to build a personal PBX connecting 4 or 5 analogic phones with a ADSL line and I'd like to know what is the right card I need I visited digium site and I think TDM400 could be the right choice but I cannot understand how it works...I think it has 4 slots where 4 modules (FXS or FXO) can be inserted. How many cards do I need to connect my ADSL line to 5 phones? I think I need two cards, one with 1 FXS for the ADSL line and 3 FXO for the phones and the second card with only 2 FXO modules, is this correct? Where can I find the drivers for this card? Should I re-compile linux kernel or there is another way to add drivers to linux?

Thanks in advance.


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The Digium cards are (pretty much) designed to work the Asterisk, the open source PBX software.

You will need one FXS port for every unique extension you wish to address. FXO ports are for connecting your PBX to analog telephone lines provided by your phone company.

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