DIY SIP proxy for Broadvoice?

I just signed up for Broadvoice service, then learned to my chagrin that port 5060 is blocked by the monopoly broadband provider here (also the national telephone company, go figure). I had been using FWD without trouble, but they have a proxy on a different port, which Broadvoice doesn't offer.

Is it possible for me to run my own SIP proxy using a 3rd machine that is connected to a network with no blocked ports? As I understand it, only the call setup information goes across port 5060; the rest travels across arbitrary high ports and these are not blocked here.

I am hoping it would be possible to configure my SIP client (Cisco ATA-186) to talk to my proxy machine, then have that machine forward those packets on to Broadvoice's network. However, I'm not sure how much rewriting is required, and whether any of the existing SIP proxy programs out there can be modified to do what I need. Or can I somehow accomplish what I need with simple ssh forwarding?

Any ideas? Thanks.


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Miguel Cruz
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