Asterisk PBX on Ethernet

Hello, I'm very interested in this discussion about asterisk pbx. I realized a little pbx with a TDM400P card and it worked well. Now I'd like to try another solution with more phones. Doug says I could use IP phones on ethernet....this seems interesting. I searched for internet but I didn't find a scheme about components needed and how to connect them. I think I need:

- a digital line from my local telco for example a E1 ( I live in Europe).

- a digium card supporting E1 line on a PBX server with Asterisk to connect the PBX machine to the E1 line. But which card? T110P or TE410P ?? What is the difference??

- a ethernet card to let Asterisk speak with IP phones

- a hub or switch to connect PBX to phones

E1 Digium card PBX (asterisk) eth card hub/switch IP phones

Is this all I need?? Is the connection diagram correct??

Thanks in advance to everyone.


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There's lots of IP phones.

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gives a list of what people have used specificly with Asterisk and written up something about it.

Sure, the price break even point seems to be about 10-12 trunks or so before an E1/T1 seems to be worthwhile.

Well, the TE110P is a single port, and the TE410P is a quad port, and the cost is likewise more for the one with 4 times the hardware on one card.

Sure, but I'll bet the machine you put Asterisk on already has ethernet already unless you want to run them totally seperate than your data network. Its really how much data you have going around and how crticial for no voice quality disruption you need.

Sure. Lots of info on the

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