SIP webclient??

Is there a SIP webclient out there? What I mean is, is there a client that you can access like a web page? Say I go to

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It brings up a web page for me to sign in. Then I can make calls from that over my pc hardware. The idea would be to not install anything on the computer. Is it even possible?

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Something like Xten's X-Web ?

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It does allow for users to call a fixed number you supply, like a hotline. You can put it in a mail signature, or as a web link/button

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Christen Fihl

yes, I had a client that wanted the same thing. I used X-WEB-LITE from

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. Not the best webphone, but hey the phone itself was free.

I also tried one from EyePedia or something like that, it costs about

12000$usd, This phone is totally customizable and could be seemless in a web page.

They both use Active-X technology.


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