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I'm totally new at VOIP. I thought I would test the technology by downloading X-Lite from the Free World Dialup site. I got everything configured, but I'm having mixed results getting things working. I can sometimes get the test calls (to the 613 number) to work, but not very often. When I schedule a call using the FWD site, the incoming call does not arrive.

My computer is located behind a Linksys router. Do I have to change the configuration in the router to forward any special ports (I thought SIP was suppose to make things work thru NAT)???

If I do have to forward ports, how do I handle the situation where I have multiple computer users on my LAN who want to use VOIP?


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Mike Schumann
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Yep and nope. SIP has nothing to do with NAT. It is an application that fails with NAT just like other protocols that carry network info at the application level.

open port 5060 for signaling and the range of rtp ports for the audio. which ones and which way depend on who initiates the connection. You could try stun although I haven't used it. You could also put your PC outside the firewall just to test before doing anything else.

By the way FWD works well for me with an IP phone outside of my NAT box.

Good luck.

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Try the other softphones that FWD offers. Also, make sure that the softphone is configured for use behind a NAT (you may need to set up STUN on the softphone)

Its not automatic. Check the FWD FAQ for using FWD behind a firewall/router --

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Also, check out

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Hank Karl

Check out the softphone at

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look at Global iNet. Voice quality and the suport really perfect.


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Adnan M.

Just want to make a correction regarding Adnan's last post. The URL to LanScape's web site is

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Look for the Global iNet VOIP service logo in the upper right of the home page and click on it.


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