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You mentioned the AVM Fritz!Box, that would do everything you want except the 4 LAN ports, but a 5 or 8 port switch would be a minimal extra cost. It has a built in modem as well.


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Ivor Jones
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I'm currently looking around for a new router/switch to replace my current Zyxel B200-v2 and a cheap ATA.

the specs the new router/switch should contain the following:

- WAN connection for my ADSL2+ modem (cannot switch that one here)

- WiFi (11 or 24Mbit is ok)

- 4 100Mbit LAN connections, full 100Mbit traffic *so no shared traffic*

- VoIP build in with 1 or 2 analog connectors

- an internal S0 port like the Fritz! WLAN Box would be fun but not neccesary.

can anybody recommend me a suitable product?

thanks in advance!


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Zyxel 2602HWL will do all that you require, good, not cheap. Draytek Vigor 2600VG does it all, except landline pass-trough, excellent, reliable, not cheap, but you can pick one up on Ebay at half price right now. Regards, Martin (I have both above mentioned routers)

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"Martin²" schreef in bericht news:434c6329$0$73624$ snipped-for-privacy@ptn-nntp-reader03.plus.net...

have looked at the specs of both and on the draytek website I found the Draytec Vigor 2900VG because the 2600 has a build in ADSL modem, my provider in sweden doesn't provide me to switch that one. So I will go for the 2900VG ...

thanks for the advise!


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