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I'm planning to buy a new router and switch for my employer and I need a little friendly advice from some more experienced cisco users. The data/application is web pages only and nominal page-request performance criteria so my data needs are pretty simple, but my uptime requirements are extremely high. Failover is the watchword of the day so I'll be buying two and attempting to create a failover system to eliminate downtime.

The router/switch will have redundant t1's (separate providers..) from our colo provider and I'm planning policy based routing in case one of the connections goes down, the enduser can switch to the other ip address for service.

We are running out of ports on our current switch so we need to add one (+1 failover) of those too.

Cisco has a 2811 router that appears to have a switch built-in. Or at least an add-on.

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I'm concerned that if one part of the router+switch fails, I'm really out on a limb in terms of getting the network back up.

Cisco also has a switch with policy based routing built-in. (Catalyst

3560 with EMI)
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might do the job if I run the new lines through our existing router infrastructure. But I don't have any experience with this kind of product and I doubt a cisco rep would lead me to a straight answer.

Any suggestions/recommendations are welcome.

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You may wish to investigate the Cisco Product Advisor.

Please call 1-800-745-7381 in the USA or Canada between 8:00 A.M. and

8:00 P.M. EST:

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and Cisco's Solution Finder for Modular Routers:

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