Best new Router to buy

I am looking into getting a new router and maybe a new range extender. There are so many different ones. Linksys alone has so many different ones to pick.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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On 26 Aug 2006 20:39:47 -0700, "paul2000" wrote in :

You need to be more specific about your needs, environment, and budget.

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John Navas

Hmmmm.....ya'll don't mind if I jump in on this question also I hope.

Three bedroom house, built in the 60's. Each room has a computer (desktops) plus there are two laptops and a tablet (two can do wireless and the third one soon).

Budget: around $100. I can afford more, just not all at once, so a setup that I can build piece-meal would be good.

Needs: to have all six be able to connect between each other and the web.

Right now we are just using a Dlink DI-604 for the Desktops. We are looking to add the wireless soon.

By the way, thanks for the help John. I've learned the most from reading your posts here. :)


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On Sun, 27 Aug 2006 07:25:32 -0700, "James" wrote in :

The more the merrier! :)

Assuming a normal size house, walls are your problem -- you won't be able to go through many of them.

Ideally your wireless access point should be as central as possible to your wireless clients and as high up as possible -- the floor isn't a good location.

Since you're starting from scratch, I recommend all MIMO devices of the same type for best results; e.g.,

  • Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO Router F5D9230-4 ( at Walmart)
  • Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO Notebook Card F5D9010 ( at Walmart) or sells the Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO Networking Kit (wireless router plus USB adapter) for 5 (shipping and handling included, Item # 114088)

Glad to have been helpful.

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John Navas

US Robotics MaxG (model 5461). easy setup, no problems.

73, rich, n9dko
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"best" is hard to quantify. Cisco make some nice, if ludicrously expensive, ones.

If you mean "best value for around £50" then they're much of a such. I've had success with DLink, SMC, Actiontec and 3com.

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Mark McIntyre

Hi, Business use or home use? First router or trying to upgrade? If it's upgrade, I'd wait a bit for N routers. I always had luck with Linksys; WRT54G(version 1 to 4), WRT54GS(version 1 to 4), WRT54GL or WRT54GX2. Currently I have WRT54GX2 located upstairs of 2 story house(approx 3000 sq. ft.) covering Desktop, PC laptop, Powerbook from basement to upstairs without any problems. WRT54G worked fine but GX2 seems to give better signal over all. Good luck.

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Tony Hwang

Thank ya very much for the info. I'll let ya know how it goes in a couple of weeks.


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