broadvoice... not for europeans

I go for buy broadvoice unlimited plus at 25 usd and credit cards for not us residents are not accepted... so only us customers... very nice! i cannot have a flat fee then

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Well there is try them out.

I am in canada and called the broadvoice people.. (they really know thtere stuff and are truly a really good VOIP provider .. the way these providers should be. They have a account with a company that processess there monies and they are the reson they only accept creidit cards issued from american banks.

I tryed everythng money order.. heck I said I would pay way ahead even 6 months ahead they still would not take my monie.. Aparently canadian money or monie that is not American is not good enough for them..

Great company.. that we found a major flaw that could just be a huge chunk of business they are seriusly missing out on.. the day they allow canadian money (creidit cards what ever) is the day I change over to them.. if they keep up all the good work they do.


Vipi wrote:

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Sure you can, plenty of EU providers, but first you have tell us where you are... Regards, Martin

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