SIP Service Provider

I am looking for a solution ,preferably opensource, that supports SIP
and does Authentication, Call Authorization and Accouting via Radius.
I also want to register to outgoing SIP gateways such as broadvoice to
make international calls.
Basically, SIP UAs should be able to register to our SIP Server and
make Internationcal calls which will be routed through providers such
as broadvoice.
I am testing SIP express router, but it doesn't support call
authorization via radius and registration to services like broadvoice.
With regards,
Vicky Shrestha
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Vicky Shrestha
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is supplied with the source code, it provides authentication/authorization, billing-assisted number translation and routing, accounting, NAT traversal, media server, ...
WBR, Andrew
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Andrew Zhilenko
I think Nettel Holdings can help ....
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click on
Investor Forum
and Click here to ask management a question they are sip and small enough to help avg joes
exanple ....
Question: Does AVOP and IPTalks have redundancy? Answer: Employee: Veces Chhim Yes we have two locations to back the main severs. Here are links to our two locations: Location 1 Link: , Location 2: a person of oneness, Dean Hedges
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