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I live in San Francisco, but also have a home in Mexico, from which I make many calls back to the US. I would like to purchase a Sipura 3000 DTA, sign up for a Broadvoice account, assign myself a local number in my San Francisco

415 area code, configure the Sipura here, take it to Mexico, install it in my home there, and thereafter make calls back to POTS (non-VIOP) telephones here in San Francisco. Can I do so, and ...

...... although the calls will physically originate in Mexico, the billing will be as if they originated in San Francisco. In other words, all (from-Mexico) calls will be included in my Broadvoice US-unlimited calling plan?????

[Not as important, but .... how do they do this? Does Broadvoice service recognize me based on the MAC address of the Sipura ..... which is the same whether the Sipura is physically in the US or in Mexico???].


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"As if.." logically yes, but are there no practical differences? For example, if the VoIP server for establishing your connection is IN San Fran, might you not see some differences? (just curious)

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Rick Merrill

Yes you can assign yourself a San Francisco number, and then use the Sipura in Mexico.

Whilst in Mexico you phone will work as if you are in San Francisco.

It works by the phone registering you on the network based on your username/account/phone number and password.

You could if you wanted to get a British (UK) number from

formatting link
and use it in Mexico and it would be as if you are in the UK. In fact I have a London (UK) number, when I live in Birmingham (UK). I also have a USA number too.

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No. It doesn't matter where you attach to the internet, your VoIP system will work as if you were in the area your number is located in.

Note that billing is the same as if you were there too, so a "local" call might not be so local if it has to cross the Atlantic and back ;-)


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Ivor Jones

Note that to get a geographical UK number on Sipgate, you must do the initial registration from a British IP address.

Where in Birmingham are you..? I'm in Solihull..! Email me (address in sig)

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