Has anyone here had any good experience with broadvoice? I am having nothing but grief with their service and especially their tech support

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I've heard mixed reviews, but I personally haven't used Broadvoice at all. If tech/customer support is your major problem, I would encourage you to take a look at SunRocket, who seems to have some of the best support around. Just an idea.

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Broadvoice doesn't service my area so I looked into other options. I came close to signing up for Vonage but didn't when they wanted to charge me an activation fee plus a shipping fee for the equipment. I researched online and came across Sunrocket.

Sunrocket's package included:

=B7No Activation Fees, sign up fees, hidden fees or even shipping fees to send the equipment.

=B7Free Uniden 2.4 Ghz phone system (two phones) - we needed this since our wireless phones were dead.

=B7Two phone lines (one is a virtual number)

=B7Unlimited Long Distance to US and Canada

=B7$3 per month allowance for international calls - plus their international rates are really reasonable.

=B7Two directory assistance calls included each month.

=B7Voicemail and all the phone features you need (call waiting, call id, fowarding, blocking, etc).

=B7No cancellation fees.

So far the service has been outstanding! I swear it sounds better than my former telco (which by the way I found great pleasure in "firing"). I have had no problems with outages whatsoever. If you pay the annual in advance, it comes out to $16.58 per month for unlimited US (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada calls. No taxes - that's the bottom line price.

By the way, the Uniden phones are by far the best phones I have ever owned. The clarity and features are amazing! I had previously bought Northwestern Bell 2.4ghz system -- it was terrible, full of static and you could not hear the caller over the background hiss. I will only buy Unidens from now on.

In order to get the free Uniden phones, you have to supply a coupon code. If you can't find a code, you can use the following code when signing up to get the phones - 7272140588. After entering the code, the page it takes you to should show a picture of the Uniden phones.

Hope this info helps! wrote:

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You're not alone, Gary. Take a look at the reviews on Broadband Reports:

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have Packet8 and it's been great. Only problem so far (since Feb 2005) was that it took 5 weeks to port my old number. In fairness, a lot of that was probably SBC dragging their feet. Our service has never been down since it was installed. Motormouth wifey burns 1500 minutes a month (minimum), if it was, she'd know. Sound quality and service couldn't be better. Dear wifey would rather get rid of me and the dog than Packet8. Cheers, Wizzzer

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I'd say rudy summed up SunRocket really well. It's a great service that seems to be getting better reviews than Broadvoice. I too have had a really good exprience with them and can only see them getting better as time goes on.

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I had broadvoice for two weeks. Had trouble setting the BYOD program, two e-mails to tech support went un-answered, so I cancelled. Nothing happened. I called and opened a ticket on my cancellation. Nothing happened. The next month, they charged me again. Three calls later, they finally refunded the money.

I've used Vonage in the past (two years ago for about six months) and now again (we just rolled six of our business lines to Vonage). Both companies seem to have good technology, but inadequate support resources.

I stuck with Vonage only because they get the best ratings, but I would say I had the same problems as with Broadvoice.


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