Cannot render XML card using MGCP on a Cisco IP phone.

When I send:

rqnt 1 d001@000bbee3944a MGCP 1.0 S: xml/xml(Card.xml?home?$nm=Joe Smith) N: CA@ X: 1

To a 7940 or 7960 running P0M3-07-3-00 nothing happens.

The phone debugger reports: [14:00:06] Deck NOT FOUND!: Card.xml [14:00:06] Card not found internally!- Name=home Href=Card.xml

Even though the "show con" output reports: xml_card_dir : "" xml_card_file : "Card.xml"

and ethreal confirms that the Card.xml deck was tftp'ed on startup.

The deck in question is the original one shipped with the Cisco 7.3 MGCP CD.

What am I missing?

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