can I connect 2 grandstream for save wire?

Please with the 2 ports of the grandstream 102, can I use the PC port for connect another Grandstream and so save the use of another cable-wire long mts.. or I can only use it for a PC use?


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Well, Yes, But... The other port is a normal ethernet port, so yes you could connect another Grandstream to it. However, I would guess the router in the first Grandsteam have no idea there is another phone attached to it, so it probably won't ring the second phone, but quite possibly you might be able to make calls from it. It all rather depends on the software / firmware in the Grandstream. Regards, Martin

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A hub is not a switch or router, but a router may contain a switch.

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I believe there's just a simple ethernet hub inside the switch. Your idea should work fine, you could probablly even chain several phones together. Give it a try


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I think I was a little out of it when I wrote that. I meant: "I believe there's a simple ethernet hub inside the phone"

Oops :P

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