AT&T CallVantage opinions

I looking into getting AT&T CallVantage, would like to know your opinions and compared to others as well.

Thanks, jt

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I just LOVED it until all incoming calls stopped and callers got a message saying our phone was disconnected. But it was not AT&T's fault: the previous company virtually inverse slammed me by removing my number from the local number service. Oy!

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Rick Merrill

out bound service sounds great, no difference, inbound needs increased bandwith by att and my router set on dmz, to get the best response.

customer service, nice but unhelpful.

better then vonage, they don't awnser the phone at all

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I too like the service.

But hang on there, you must put the TA (telephone adapter) btween the cable modem and your router so that the TA can provide QoS (quality of service) by the simple ruse of stealing bandwidth when the TA requires the bandwidth: the TA throttles back the transactions between cable modem and router on an as needed basis. - RM

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