Vonage and E911: Customer Service Response

I wrote to Vonage Customer Service today (I am a customer) and told them I found out that another VoIP provider (Time-Warner RoadRunner) in my city (Charlotte, NC) could provide me with true E911. I asked why Vonage could not. I further asked when I could expect true E911 from Vonage.

Below is the response, a direct quotation. I admit I haven't been following all the twists and turns 100%, but isn't this reply a bit of a stretch (or worse) from what we know? Or did I miss something?



---------- begin response from Vonage Customer Service ----------

Dear customer,

In response to your email, we are supposed to be E911 compliant by the end of the summer.

I hope I have answered your question and thank you for contacting customer care.



---------- end response from Vonage Customer Service ----------

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: That was their entire response? I guess technically, they are correct. FCC gave them all 90 days to comply, as of mid-May. So mid-June (1), mid-July (2) and mid-August (3) gets us to 90 days, around to approximatly the end of the summer. You'd think that Kristen might have elaborated on it just a little; but who knows, maybe the bosses told Kristen to avoid any conversations with customers on the topic while they (the bosses) try to worm their way into an extension of time, either formally or informally. Maybe they told Kristen to be most careful about saying anything which could be construed as a 'promise' or a 'commitment'. PAT]
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