Vonage Service Upgrade/ Price Reduction

I've been notified that Vonage has reduced the price of their Premium Unlimited Plan to $24.99

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"basic 500" plan is available for $14.99)

The Premium plan offers unlimited calling throughout the US and Canada. If you currently spend more than $300 per year on phone service (and have cable or dsl service), this may be a good time to try Vonage.

You may sign up for a number in an area code across the country. Mom (or your sweetheart) can then call a local number and reach you without large toll charges. Unlimited minutes, no toll charges. Your phone will ring anywhere in the US or Canada, anywhere you can access a cable connection.

Call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID and other services are included with all plans.

The modem is supplied by Vonage; you supply a normal telephone handset. (a setup fee is added to the first months charge) Billing is by credit (or debit card) card charge only. Bills are available online. No paper bills are ever sent.

I've had the service for about 8 months. Sound quality is good, setup is simple. You can travel with your phone or move locations by merely plugging your modem into any cable hookup. The phone does not disrupt your computer function. You can surf and talk with no problem. Computer is not required for the phone to function, but cable internet access *IS* required.

Additionally, I can send you an email coupon good for a free months service. Merely drop me an email to snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com with "send me a Vonage coupon" or something similar in the subject line. I'll have them send the coupon direct from Vonage. (what's in it for me?--- I get a free month too) You must have the coupon BEFORE signing up for service.



"We are very excited to inform you that we're lowering the price of our Vonage Residential Premium Unlimited plan from $29.99 per month to only $24.99 per month! This means Vonage will upgrade customers on the Unlimited Local plan to the Premium Unlimited plan.

If you are on the Unlimited Local plan, there is no need to contact us, the upgrade will be automatic. You'll still pay only $24.99 per month, but now get to enjoy unlimited call to the USA and Canada and all the great FREE features included with Vonage."

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