Re: Have You Yet Started Using VOIP?

Although many netters have tested out VOIP-style telephones there are

> some guys who have not yet gotten their VOIP adapters and experimented > with this new method for making telephone calls. I just noticed that I > have not explained the Vonage system in detail for quite a while here, > so wanted to give the late-comers a chance to look into the program. > If you would like an e-coupon good for a month of free service from > Vonage, one of the premier VOIP services, please let me know. If > you like the plans you see offered at
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then send me > email and ask for an e-coupon. You'll get a month of free service in > the process of signing up via this Digest. Send me email at > and ask for your free month of Vonage.

Hi Pat:

I just want to put in a good word for Vonage. I got it in December and I love it. I have saved over $300 since I got it. There are some initial problems with getting your number transferred over, however, this is not due to Vonage but the LECs. I do international calling especially to Australia. Unlike the long distance companies they do not charge you exorbitant rates because you are not on a international long distance plan. There have been complaints about the 911 service but the complaints are unwarranted. You just go to the website and give them your correct address. Since Vonage is centered in NJ I have to pay all the taxes still my bill is less than $29 a month inclusive of taxes and everything else. I love the fact that when I go on travel I can forward to my cell phone. If you do go to Vonage, please sign up via this digest/newsgroup. It helps to pay the bills.


It's only been a couple of weeks since I last posted as opposed to a decade for my previous post. Thanks for remembering me. It is through this digest that I got my interest stoked in telephony.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You know, and I know it is about that simple to sign up with Vonage and get _reasonable_ 911 service, even if not perfect, as in 'e-911'. And although there were some problems in general with VOIP sound quality (due to limits on bandwidth in the beginning, it has gotten much better in recent months). I still have Vonage e-coupons available for anyone who wants a month of free Vonage service. Just write me and ask for one, and you will have it back in email a day or two later.

And I notice it did not take you another decade to write to me again, and for that I thank you! But you never did tell me if you were still in the Milwaukee area, nor whatever happened to your newsgroup/Digest. PAT]

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