VOiP and telephone company customer service

My experience indicates over the last 5 years it's very difficult to get customer service from a telephone related company. One of my main reasons for leaving Sprint (now Embarq) was the terrible customer service they provided. VOiP customer service has been much worse then Sprint, the only time I can expect to speak to a CSR is if I am signing up and they are receiving $'s. Packet8 was impossible to contact, SunRocket was no better (as you know gone now, I sent out paperwork to the liquidation company today) and several alternatives to SR have been no better. My current provider as recommended as an alternative to SR does not attempt to answer tech support calls and email is returned with a canned response that does not address my issues.

It's no wonder unemployment is high, the telephone operators are long gone and the few CSR's are frequently outside of the US/Canada.

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