Re: Why I Am Not Switching to Verizon

>>> that email address is very personal and people/companies want very

>>> specific name -- but it is a disgrace that in Verizon there is no even >>> one smart person that could explain to this powerful idiot the meaning >>> of email address. Anyway -- what other options with decent ISP we >>> have in NYC? Any recommendations? >> Well, I will strongly recommend Panix, which will sell you DSL over >> Verizon's telecom infrastructure. Their customer service is amazingly >> good. >> But there's no reason you need to use Verizon's mail service if you buy >> connectivity from them anyway. > You overlook a small problem. If you are too far from the C.O. to get > Verizon, how can you get Panix?

That is something you cannot get. If you are too far from the CO to get DSL service, you will have to get something other than DSL service, such as ISDN or the like.

But the original poster was claiming that they would not get Verizon service because of Verizon's customer service, not because the service was unavailable.

And if they are reselling Verizon's service (and Verizon is one of the > low quality high speed Internet providers), then how is their service > any better?

Because you can pick up the telephone and talk to a real human being in the US who actually knows something about how the system works and how to fix it, rather than be constantly bounced from the telephone to the DSL departments like Verizon did to me for a month when I had what was clearly a line issue.

Verizon is providing the physical infrastructure, but Panix is providing the mail and news services as well as the support. And the support is the original poster's telecom issue.


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