Why I am switching from Verizon DSL

Verizon is a cheap company - not only they saved money by replacing all American workers by cheaper foreign labor, they are saving money by not teaching tech support what is the internet service. It is few days I cannot connect to NNTP server news.verizon.net using Agent - I called tech support and was told that he don't know what is NNTP server or newsgroup server. He told they don't teach them about NNTP servers - he had no idea if it is up or down. IT SUCKS!!!


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Replace Verizon with Comcast, Qwest, AT&T, Bell South, Pac Bell, GTE, Earthlink, AOL, etc. etc.

They all suck. :)

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Doug McIntyre

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If you switch to a different provider, you might just find that they don't offer USENET at all.

Why not just subscribe to a reliable full-service USENET news provider?

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Bert Hyman

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