Re: Verizon Plans to Offer "Naked DSL" on 4/5 of its Wirelines

R Coll>> "Verizon expects "that in the not-too-distant future that you will be

>> able to get Verizon DSL without getting Verizon phone service," said >> Tom Tauke, Verizon executive vice president for public affairs and >> communications. "It's a technological issue, it's not a marketing >> issue." > Bull. > It's a marketing issue. It's a monopolistic > big-telco-doing-whatever-they-want-to issue. There is no technological > requirement for there to be a dialtone on the same line as DSL, and > no, I'm not talking about SDSL, I'm talking about ADSL which usually > must be bundled with POTS service.

There is at least one technology issue, and maybe more. Verizon's many millions of ADSL/POTS lines are identified by telephone number. The POTS telephone number is, in effect, the key, the unique identifier, used in the databases of both Verizon's LEC and Verizon Online, which markets DSL to the public. Both companies' databases will have to be significantly reconfigured to use an identification other than simply the telephone number in order to run their businesses before Naked DSL is offered. If you have ever called Verizon Online's customer (dis) service number, you will know that the first question asked is, "What is your DSL line's phone number?"

Reconfiguration of two companies' massive databases to use a different key is not a simple task. It needs to be planned meticulously, tested and debugged, and then rolled out, probably as a flash cut, affecting all of Verizon's wire centers, customer service centers, etc. This is not unlike the reconfiguration of wireless providers' networks that was needed to effectuate number portability; previously, each phone's service provider was identified by the area code and NXX code of the phone number associated with it, which was stored in both the phone and network databases as the mobile ID number (MIN). In order to break the hard link between the MIN and phone number, or mobile directory number (MDN), several years of planning and implementation of complex database changes were required.

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