Re: What Type of Wireless Should I Use?

> I use those RAD AirMux 200 radios for our backhaul - not bad... With

>> the right module you can even run 4x T1 lines over it for voice >> traffic or whatever... > Dlink and now Linksys sell APs at 802.11n that can do ~100mbps and > theoretically 600mbps in time. Jack up the power and add directional > antennae and I'm golden. Just thought there might be something better > out there I haven't heard of.

I am just worried about using D-Link and Linksys gear for that type of a project ... There are three levels:

Home User Commercial Carrier

Linksys and D-Link are home user (some will likely not agree with me on that...). Can you use them? Sure! Will they work? Sure ... For a bit ...

We are an ISP and before I was hired they were using D-Link and Linksys

5-port switches and diffferent locations ... Once I installed some CISCO switches our performance went up 500%+ -- just because it states speed X does not mean it is really that fast. I checked the data sheet for the Linksys 802.11n radio -- it only has 10/100Mbps ports ... So the maximum wired-to-wireless speed would be 200Mbps (upload = 100Mbps - download = 100Mbps).
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