What Type of Wireless Should I Use?

My company has two locations, 0.92km apart as per Google earth. There is a direct line of sight.

There are about equal number of computers in each site. Instead of using replication, we intend to keep everything on one server and link the sites together fast enough to become just a single LAN.

Currently theres a 15mbit connection that is always saturated and can be troublesome ... from wavewireless. I suspect its just a power boosted 802.11b. I'm hoping for a gigabit connection using directional antennaes.

I've looked into Wimax and D-link's 802.11n products. Dlink does not provide directional antennaes for 802.11n yet, and provides no data at all on range and throughput at that range. Havent seen off-the-shelf wimax products out there. Bell Canada wont give us fiber optic lines, just twisted pairs. However Cisco's LRE (long reach ethernet) products max out at 15mbit.

I'd accept 2x 500mbit or even 4x 1gbit connections since we can use etherchannel, but the connections should not encroach on each others' channels the way say 802.11b does (bandwidth of two channels is less than the sum of bandwidth of each channel).

Of course it should work in harsh weather. Any suggestions? Can I have

1Gbps at less than 1km?
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Ghazan Haider
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