Wireless link not established until user logins on Windows 2000 Server

I'm building a Windows 2000 Server but it will be tucked away in a cupboard
and wireless access is therefore preferable. I've built the server using a
D-Link DWL-G510 Wireless NIC and it works fine EXCEPT that it appears that
the wireless connection is only established when a user logs in. If I simply
reboot the server and attempt to ping it from another PC, it doesn't
respond. When you login, the "Network not connected" icon appears as well as
the "No connection" icon on the wireless system tray application. A second
or so later, the wireless connection establishes itself.
I assume this is because the D-Link configuration tool (and therefore
profile) only kicks in when the user logs in and doesn't run when sat at the
login prompt.
I've considered copying a pre-configured profile into the Default User
profile - which I believe is in-use when a system is sat at the login
prompt. Another alternative would be to load the D-Link config tool in the
Winlogin registry key (can't remember the exact value right now).
Any ideas?
Thanks, Rob.
PS. This is a very low grade server :-) Not too worried about speed...
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Rob Nicholson
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