Re: Vtech Caller ID Not Working

I have a Vtech 20-2481 2.4 GHz Gigaphone two-line base unit with three

> handsets. Until a few days ago, I had a two-line cord (RJ-45?) running > into the base unit's Line 1 + Line 2 jack. Last year I got rid of the > phone number that had been coming in on Line 1, but Line 2 continued > to work just fine. > The other day I replaced the phone cord with a one-line cord (RJ-11?) > running into the Line 2 jack. I pushed a splitter into the wall jack > and plugged the other end of the cord into the splitter's Line 2 > output. Everything is fine now *except* that the Caller ID function > has quit. The caller is no longer identified, and no record is kept > in the call history. > I switched back to the earlier configuration and the Caller ID came > back. Then I returned to the one-line cord, and Caller ID vanished > again. The same is true when I plug the cord into the Line 1 jack on > the base unit instead of the Line 2 jack. > The reason I switched to a one-line cord is that I want to use the > Line 1 input for my new VoIP connection. That doesn't have anything to > do with the problem, though, because it occurs whether or not I have > the VoIP plugged into the base unit. > Any ideas on a solution? > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Try the original (working correctly) > configuration but try disconnecting it at the wall box. You obviously > do not want to blow up the VOIP adapter box, but yet there seems to be > something about the way caller-ID gets delivered. On a one line jack, > usually the two 'middle' pins (pins 3-4 of six pins or pins 2-3 of a > four pin thing) delivers the 'first' line; the 'outer' pins (usually > pins 1 and 4 in a four pin plug or pins 2 and 5 of six pins) bring in > the 'second' line. It may well be that 'line 1' should have been the > one you kept while 'line 2' was disconnected when you took a line > out. Or if you can find a 'dummy' modular head (plastic head with pins > but no wire protruding) try sticking that dummy head in the line one > space. I know Radio Shack sells the little dummy heads, mostly they > are for guys who are building their own wiring setups, but you don't > need the wire, just the little pins to make contact in the > phone. That's jusy my 'try it next' idea. PAT]

Tried calling Vtech??


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