Re: Vtech Caller ID Not Working

Harlan Mess [inquiry and suggested troubleshooting approach snipped]

> Tried calling Vtech??

Heh, yeah, I wrote to them at the same time that I posted my query here. I hate to rely solely on customer service for responses, especially by e-mail or web forms, since the first response, other than the autoresponse, tends to be a questionnaire seeking all the information that I, as a technically oriented consumer, already knew to provide in the first place.

Anyway, Vtech wasted two days before responding, "Please send us your phone number so we can set up a profile for you," and then took another day to tell me that they'd set up my profile, and now could I please *call* them to troubleshoot the problem. I guess there was no point in using the web form in the first place.

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