Caller ID Feature 811 not working

I got 0X32 system with dr5 + 2 C1 cards When i press Feature 811 display shows no calls. When call cames in i can see info. Any way to make this work? I want to see history of all calls on this terminal.

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0x32 with dr5 ? If it had 6.1 or so I would say to give it some log space.
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Look under "Terminals & sets - Telco features - Feature assign" Lines must appear & ring to auto display. Change to Y to make a Caller ID set for each line. Also check "First display" setting and set "Called ID" to Y.

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Brian Cox

When you press Feature 811, you are invoking the Call Info feature. This feature only displays the incoming call information for active calls. If you want to see a histroy of all calls on the terminal, then you should use the Call Log feature (Feature 812). Additionally, you'll want to make sure that the Call Log has been turned on and the space allocated for each set(this is done through an Admin session).

Finally. . .if you have a 0x32 system, then there is no such thing as "DR5" software for that system. You must have a Rls. 1.0 through Rls.

7.1 version. DR5 only applied to the older 3x8, 6x16, and 8x24 systems.


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I was wondering about this myself. I have to go to a customer tomorrow and they want CID to show also. I am not sure if they have CI cards, but their calls are answered with a Flash and do not ring on the sets. I don't think a Flash will pass CID, but I may be wrong. Also not sure of software version at this time.


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