Caller ID disappears

Recently put DSL on the first line of a Panasonic telephone system. "Y" Filter on the line before the phone system, DSL to DSL modem and line to phone. Now caller ID is gone. Does the filter stop that ? Have done this many times and never had this come up.


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I have had DSL for over 4 years and have never had any CID problems. Maybe there are other problems. at&t just put a filter at my main box and I was able to remove all the filters which did help my speed.

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Steven Lichter

Have you tried monitoring the line to make sure you are getting the Caller ID data burst. I have seen cases where where changes like adding DSL are done, and a few days later somebody comes through and works the disconnect order and pulls the plug on something they shouldn't have, or on the wrong circuit.

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Rich Piehl

If you've just recently added the DSL service to that line, the most probable cause IMHO is that the phone company added the DSL service to your account and re-arranged it so that the CallerID service is gone from the account. Just call them up and have them verify if you still have the caller ID service enabled. They might have given you some kind of "bundle" service (voice/Internet) that does not include CallerID by default.

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