Caller ID says, "Do not answer" [Telecom]

I just received a call where the caller ID said, "DO NOT ANSWER."

Are some telcos catching up with the scam operators, or is this some new tactic by the scammers?

Is it related to the Truth in Caller ID act?

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Most likely the name is set to titilate you.

Many people want to defy what they are told, especially by techology.

If it says DO NOT ANSWER, I can imagine there will be many people that would pick up to just to see what it is, rather than it said Bob's Fish Market.

Much like the email SPAMers send out email appearing to be a conversation between friends, or even appearing as your friend (off a stolen address book), because people are voyeuristic, and have to look, only of course to find junky bulk mail pushing whatever crap they are doing that day.

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