Re: Cellphone Dead? AA Batteries to the Rescue!

> By Clayton Collins, Christian Science Monitor

>> Cellphone-toters dread the sound: a hand-held device chirping its >> complaint, often far from home base, about needing to be recharged. >> Now on the market: a lipstick-size brass canister that holds one AA >> battery and offers reserve power. Run a short adaptor from the tip of >> a Turbo Charge to your phone, and a blue light indicates that a charge >> is flowing. You're back in business long enough to get to a plug -- the >> device's maker, Voxred International, claims "up to 40 hours" of >> standby time or two hours of talk, and touts patent-pending technology >> that protects devices' batteries from damage. It is designed to work >> with PDAs as well. >> We tested Turbo Charge -- about $20 at stores including Best Buy, > OK, but devices like this (using 2 AA or AAA batteries) have been on > the market for a while. My wife bought me one as a bit of a joke at > the local $1 store. I doubt it had any special circuitry but I expect > my phone to handle the charging details, not the power-source. > - David

That brings me the thought, I haven't seen any solar cellphone charger, have you? It should be a lifesaver where there's no power source around!

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