Tested a fire alarm system and it had batteries in it with a date of 1997. They still tested good with a Elk battery tester that tests for Mhos. These were 6.2 Ah batteries and read 123 Mhos. They were Carefree Magnum batteries. I replaced them anyway because of the age although I kinda didn't want to. Now a days I am lucky to get 2-3 years with a battery. I got some elk batteries last year on sale at ADI and have had 5 or 6 go bad already. Can anyone beat that battery story? 12 year old batteries that were still good! Found a link for them

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made by EaglePicher now. wonder if they are still as good? is this the brand that was in the Hubble that lasted so long?

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There are only a few actual manufacturers of batteries these days, more than likely those Magnum's were made by the same company that made Elk that made Panasonic etc etc

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I have had a lot of Yuasa before they became Yuasa/Enersys, that lasted ten years.

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Bob La Londe

Eagle Picher makes battery for the US military too.

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