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What causes the subtle hissing/background noise on phone lines? Is it

> due to the internal phone wiring pickup noise? Or inherent to analog > telephones? > When I press a number to start the dialing sequence, the background > low-hiss noise becomes more noticeable. This morning I tried > connecting my phone directly to the phone junction box outside, and I > noticed the line noise is somewhat lower, to the point where I don't > really notice it. (But it's still there ...) > My phone lines are running in the crawl space. I remember last time I > was down there, I saw some open connections and the lines were laying > on the ground. Now if some of the wires are touching the ground, will > that cause the hiss noise? The wires are those more rigid types, > probably from the 1960s.. Last year I had a connection problem where I > can call in, but can't dial out, when the raining season is here, so I > was wondering if there's some kind of short to ground in part of the > wire. (But doesn't short to ground will get rid of noise?) > Thanks. > Raymond

Bad weather mostly if it's raining and has been raining for couple of days; then water seems to penetrate your phone line causing line noise. Bad cabling, electrical interfereance and poor connection points may add to that.

Please make sure that you use good quality cable which has better shielding. The phone cable shouldn't be close to electrical applicances like TV and heater. When talking on the phone, should you hear static of any sort, the phone line may be earthed.

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