Twitter Comes to the Rescue

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Twitter Comes to the Rescue
The New York Times
July 5, 2009
IF you're not protesting an election or promoting a product, Twitter,
the microblogging site that has been getting so much attention these
days, can be easy to dismiss.
It's been described as an ego-stroker for those who want to broadcast
the minutiae of their lives in 140 characters or less. It's a virtual
popularity contest to see who can rack up the most followers. And
it's yet another way to procrastinate on the Web.
But after signing up for my own Twitter account earlier this year
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- and being guilty of all of the
above - I can now attest to at least one practical use for travelers:
As hotels, airlines and other travel companies line up on Twitter to
promote their brands, customers who voice their grievances in the
form of tweets are getting surprisingly fast responses for everything
from bad airplane seats to poor room service.
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Monty Solomon
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Yeah it work both ways. Companies can use it for advertising while us consumers can use it for complaining :)
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