I along with a friend are considering getting a VOIP service called NETTALK. He will use in place of his current Magic Jack, which he has several problems with recently. If you are a user of NETTALK, I would like to ask a favor of you. Magic Jack blocks calling to many locations here in the USA. We are trying to see if NETTALK does the same thing. We would like for someone who has NETTALK to call a few phone numbers I will send to you and make a few test calls for us. Please contact me if you have NETTALK.

Thank you


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If this is a scam, it's a good one: Google didn't turn up any hits on various phrases from the above post, so it's not velveeta AFAICT. Of course, all the usual caveats apply.

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netTalk does have a large group of forums available to anyone cares to visit them.

Reading anything in the forums is open to anyone who goes there, registered or not.

Registration is only required if you want to post a message or reply to one and even then all they ask for is an email of your choice where they can send the forum account info and a user name you want to show up in the forums.

The main link to the forums that I use is:

formatting link
Unless someone actually gets abusive they leave the bad along with the good on the forums with out editing them.

I've had mine for over two years with no real problems but then I am not known as a power user. So far mine has been working just fine any time I've wanted to use it. There have been problems in the past with some

800 or automated phone tree systems, like hit 6 for this or 7 for that but they seem to have been taken care of. I don't recall any individual numbers that were blocked for any reason other than just simple mistakes in call routing. Those were taken care of by a simple trouble ticket and the tech support people fixed the problem.

Many people combine netTalk with Google Voice in order to fill in any features they want or think are not working the way they like.

There are a couple of forums you might want to post a question or read as a new or prospective user.

Under the "Questions" forum ther is one titled "Area Code Availability" were people post questions about any local area codes available where they live. NetTalk does not have a method setup for you to find out if an area code is available for use by a purchaser until they have already bought the unit. This forum has people there who have access to the local area codes look-up info and will answer you.

Another forum of interest to new users is under "DOU Talk" and under that the actual forum or thread entitled "List of Routers that work well/badly with DOU/TK6000"

There are a few routers that just do not seem to play well with any VOIP service and those are listed along with those that people find work just fine with out having to make a bunch of router configuration changes, if any. Since your friend already has a MagicJack I expect there to be no router problems unless he/she had problems making MagicJack work at the beginning. Still it does not hurt to check the list.

By the way the "netTalk DOU" group of forums are the most current as that is what is currently being sold. The older TK6000 that came first is no longer produced or sold so those groups move slowly.

Keep in mind that most people who post questions in the forums are those who have or think they have a problem. Those that are happy with the service seldom post questions, but do reply to them.

I can make a few test calls for you if you email me directly at one of my throw away email address' Send a note to cyfnas-at& (replace the -at&- with the @ symbol to use it). It may be a disposable email but it's still handy so I try to mask it from the bots to keep the spam down, not that I normally read inbound there unless I'm expecting something.

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For what it's worth, I just completed a small list of test calls for George and with few exceptions the calls were answered.

Some of these test calls were to organizations in small communities that might not have someone waiting to answer a call all the time like Historical Society or Chambers of Commerce so I tried similar calls to the same area code and exchange. The alternate calls were to libraries, banks, or hospitals. Those numbers did get answered indicating that calls to the small communities that were being tested did get through when I use my NetTalk line.

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