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I just Ordered the Unlimited Voip Service on Saturday. 5 Days later I received the Phone Gateway. I opened the package powered down my router plugged everything in rebooted the router waited 30 seconds then booted the Gateway. In less than 5 minutes I was able to place and receive phone calls. So far tonight i've talked about 2 hours without any interuptions. No special configurations required its great :)

I'm Using Comcast as my ISP. I'm from the U.S. and will be using this at many different locations throughout the U.S.

For me this is a very good experience so far. I will be traveling with this device so I'm anxious to see how that works. I am gone away from home 60% of my time working at different locations. We'll see how this all pans out :)

I highly Recommend this service

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Hello there, Just curious if you are still liking your service? Do you have many down times? We are thinking of switching from Vonage to Lingo, but would like to know what the quality of the service is.


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On a scale from 1 - 10 I'd rate the service a 8

I am very happy with the sound quality. It is rare but I have had a few times in the past week or so that there was a slight scratchy sound. Again it was rare and only lasted a second and was gone.

My voice Mail stopped working :( I just placed a call to tech support today so we'll see what happens when they call me back.

The only other problem I have had is three times now i've been dropped within 5 seconds of the call. Not sure what that is all about.

I have not been dropped any other times and i've had multiple 2 hour conversations. I use this to call into meetings all the time now and our typical meeting lasts 2 hours. I use a speaker phone and everyone hears me fine.

This one really amazed me. I can send large files while on the phone :) While in my meetings I am able to send 100mb files without any problems plus be on messenger and email.

For me I will keep with Lingo. Yes it needs improvement but since my first experience in 2000, voip has come a heck of a long way. I'm impressed and for the price I can't beat it.

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I've had vonage long eough to know it's going to do the job for me. I've ported my home phone number to vonage. I expect vonage will add features or make other adjustments to give customers their money's worth compared to the competition. The several times I've called Vonage for tech help there was someone there to talk to, who was helpful, with no more wait time than the traditional phone company. I've had few glitches in calls and nobody knows we are on a VOIP and

50kbs (25% of my broadband upload speed)unless i tell them.

The economics have worked for me. I can have a Verizon cell phone with 300 minutes a month plus a vonage phone for a few dollars more than what i was spending on traditional phone services.

Vonage let's me simultaneously ring the vonage and cell phones. I don't give out the cell phone number so no cell plan minutes are used at home. The cell phone gives me freedom i'm enjoying a lot and it's all the backup support the vonage phone needs. I would have a broadband connection regardless of what kind of phone service i'm using.

My hunch is that Vonage is offering the right services for the right price. I'm sticking with them for now.

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charlie3 offers the same services as Vonage with a but! :)

The "but" being for a much lesser price. I just looked on the

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home page and the rate for US and Canada (NOT EUROPE) is $29.99

The Rate for

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is $19.95 and that covers US, Canada, and Western Europe.

Thats a $10.04 difference or $120.48 a year

I still Highly Recommend this phone after a couple of weeks and lots of talk time :)

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I'm not going to hop from service to service. I speak well of Vonage because it is doing the job for me, not because I'm certain it's the best choice. There are going to be a bunch of startup companies coming. I'll wait to see how things develop while I learn the ropes on vonage. I'll be interested to hear from people who have tried both vonage and lingo. If Vonage is as well run as it appears to me they will respond appropriately to competitive pressures.

Keep us posted about your experiences with lingo.

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As you can see in a previous posting my voice mail stopped working. I just wanted to let everyone know Tech support was very helpful. Within

2 minutes my voice mail worked. The Tech support person was very nice and he got my voice mail problems solved. I couldnt be more happy with this service.


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Thanks for the replies. Our problems with Vonage are a few out-of-service times, as well as almost never being able to log into the website. When we go to

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and try to log in to our account, most of the time it comes back with "Page cannot be displayed". I don't know if it's just us that has the problem, or if others have experienced that as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Does 19.95 include all the taxes and charges?


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I've had excellent results with Lingo, after 4 days. I set up a DMZ port on my router, and when the Lingo adaptor arrived, just plugged in the power, ethernet (to the DMZ IP), and telephone cables into the adaptor. No power off or anything. I had dial tone within 5 minutes. I called myself both directions and Lingo sounded good except for a slight delay. Voice mail and other services work as expected.

There was a noticible echo on a call to The Netherlands, but overall quality has been good to excellent. Some calls seem to have low volume. I'll be switching from Verizon to Lingo soon, unless Lingo's performance turns sour.


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Jack Hobbs

I've been using Lingo for almost 2 months already and found that the phone service was a great deal if you call Europe on a daily basis... and the US with long distance calls. Who can beat a $20 monthly unlimited?

I was kind of scared to sign in after reading all those bad feedback on lingo on all kinds of discussion groups but I figured that the cost and the jump to VOIP were not as bad.

So eventually I've received the box (a little late after about 8 days) and it worked... All calls were going through without problem (never had disconnected calls). Since then we have called for more than 400 minutes and very pleased by the price.

My lingo box is hooked to a router and my provided is Road-Runner. It is powered 24 hours a day and never had any problems...

I keep an "emergency" land lane with MCI only to keep an old and reliable phone in case of blackout... Yes it happens in NY.

A couple of comments BTW: - Support is kind of bad but this is the drawback of this low cost. Whatever, it works for me. - Some 800 number seems not to work through Lingo. Strange... Anyway I go through MCI for that. - I hope that Lingo will remain on the market... Otherwise I will have to find a new provider... I think Lingo deserve a little more positive feedback though and also more feedback on site such as - I am using a cordless phone on 3 floors and sometimes it seems that my walls are decreasing the sound quality.

Very good service for the price... we really can deal with the (sometimes) weak sound quality when we look at the bill. BTW, it seems that the sound quality is better on our end than on the receiver end.

Hope more and more people use Lingo and that the service will remain.


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Patrice R.

Just want to confirm Patrice's experiences. My hardware arrived 4 days after order. I made my first Lingo phone call a few minutes later.

I'm using a cable modem hooked to a Linksys router. I configured the router so the URL (port) hooked to the Lingo hardware was connected as the DMZ, so all the info flowed through the router to Lingo's device. Worked fine.

I've had a couple instances where the VOIP light went out and no dial tone was available, but would reset when the Lingo device was powered off/on. It has been rock-solid for the past 10 days, no errors. Voice quality has been good to excellent. We use Lingo for frequent calls to the Netherlands. I'm a happy Lingo customer.


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