ACN VoIP Phone Service [Telecom]

Anyone know something about ACN?

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Trying to figure out if these guys are for real. Thanks.

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They seem to be real. The company has been around since 1992, at least according to the BBB. The costs seem about the same as other VOIP services, they appear to be a full service company.

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Steven Lichter

A friend is thinking about selling their product. The downside I see is that she has to pay $500 to startup. Then the service is $30 a month with a two year contract and early termination penalty. That is a long time to put up with what might be bad service.

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Friend came to my place last year and told me about ACN. At that time ACN 1.5mbps DSL was $30.00 I was not impressed Now they give you 3.0mbps from Verizon.

At that time I also saw that some ACN representatives were selling their surplus brochures on ebay.

Just looked on ebay and ACN stuff is being sold and touted there. Strange!

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