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I have found the best VOIP service for my home. First Three Months FREE!!! With Activation, Shipping and equipment, I have invested a total of $39 for THREE MONTHS OF SERVICE. Plus I gave the email of the person who recommended me and I get a $25 credit at the end of the three months. Its

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and if you give them my email you and I will get a $25 credit on our account. Sign up for a no obligation lingo account and get a $25 credit for being recommended by

Try it and have nothing to loose. Cancel and keep your free equipment.

Plus the quality is great. I put a small ups on my Lingo modem and Cable modem and back wired it into my phone wiring (after disconnecting SBC), and now me and my wife cannot tell the difference between Lingo $19.95 a month (including long distance) and our old $60+ a month POTs line.

First 3 months free..... $19.95 (NO TAX) a month after that.

Thats the great deal we got. Plus when a friend ( recommends you, we both get $25.

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If you would like me to refer you, please email me at with your name and email address. I will put your email address in my lingo account as a referal and you will get an email from them with instructions on signing up.

FYI!!! I got my number ported over and have wired the lingo box through the second pair(black-yellow) of my phone line, into the outside phone box, and back throughout the house on my first pair (red-green). Now every phone in the house (including the security system and tivo) works on that pair. If you do this, you should make sure and disconnect the telephone comming in from your original phone company. I understand that they leave voltage on the line.


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I just looked at and I believe they are now only giving one free month. Its still the best deal I can find out there.

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And when the telco reuses your "dead" pair for the house down the street, who you gonna complain to?

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Fred Goodwin, CMA

Why would you complain?

BTW, a friend who didn't activate the phone line in his house still gets dialtone. We suspect 911 calls will work. Might be worth keeping the line connected (to something) for that.


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