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Dear friends,

I would set up a voice service provider,

I see that I should buy hardware but I think that some firm could offer an "hosting" solution too, isn't it?

Do you know firms that offer this solution, an hosting for voip service providers? Who is the best?

I would have in hosting the hardware required for host the PSTN numbers and than create the virtual numbers for the Voip service, in few words is what is required for set up a voip service or not?

Let me know how to do ... thanks..


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rg, Daniel

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Daniel I

Aren't you asking too much, better hire someone who is competent enough to do it for you.

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Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman

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not sufficient, I need something for the hardware

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There are several. I haven't tried any. Look for "host" in this page.

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I'm using several PSTN services from a general-purpose colocated machine right now. Being closer to the PSTN provider has some advantages though.

LiveVoIP told me they are offering colocation so I might switch to that eventually.

With the services available now, it would be easy to set up a system in your house for development and then move it when you're ready. By that time the options will have changed.


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Kyler Laird

thank you

I think that you answered well to me

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