Multiline expandable cordless systems [Telecom]

I've been trying to get a good cordless phone system for my home/office, but I've yet to find a system that meets my needs. (Ok, the old siemens gigaset did, but the reliability was, um, bad)

My must haves:

1) Must support at least 5 cordless extensions 2) Must support at least 2 POTS lines 3) All extensions must share the same missed-call list. (I don't want my office to say I missed 5 calls, my kitchen to say I missed 12 calls, and the handset under the sofa says I missed 230 calls).

You'd think these aren't impossible to find, but I'll be darned if I can find one! Do I have to get some kind of business phone system for this?



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I've yet to find a

reliability was, um, bad)

office to say I missed

says I missed 230

one! Do I have to

Motorola mad one, but the only place I have seen them is on eBay and the wireless handsets are getting rare and some sells want an arm and a leg for them. Also when you buy the hand sets you have to make sure that they have not been registered with the base, or if they have been they have been un-registered or you will never get them to work. Search MD7001 and or MD7091. I saw one for $269.00 for a base and one hand set, which is about $70.00 more then what Motorola sold them for.

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