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If an office has phones with multiple lines and they are reached with a button on the phone, would I be able to plug a regular phone into that jack to test if the line is dead? This question has gotten me to worrying what other fields of knowledge, that weren't taught in class, am I missing in becoming the best pc technician I can be.

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I applaud your willingness to ask questions: it's the most important part of being a good technician.

I can't give you an answer to your question without knowing the specifics of the system you work with. Some PBX's allow "500" (regular) sets to attach to their extension ports, while others require that only phones made by the PBX manufacturer may be used. You'll need to read through the documentation for the PBX and go from there: feel free to post the PBX brand and model number here if you'd like specific info on that unit.

HTH. Stay curious.

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