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Need some ideas on good places to purchase alarm equipment on the net. I will probably go with a Power 832 system and would just like to know where a lot of you guys purchase your stuff from. Thanks.


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The Pig
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All (most) of 'us guys' are installing dealers and purchase equipment from distributors.

There are lots of web sites that sell equipment direct to DIY'ers. They're all just as good or bad as the rest. I'd recommend that you avoid the sites run by someone by the name of Bass.

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Try these guys....

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Clean BBB report!!

probably go with

purchase your stuff

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There's only one DSC dealer where I work (Vancouver, B.C.). That's Tri-ed. They won't sell to anyone not in the trade though.

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Frank Olson

The Tri-Ed distributor in Az told me that they are no longer owned by...

Things could change.

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Bob La Londe

Some time ago, I had posted the fact that they had been bought by Steve Roth, the former president of ADI.

What could change is that ADI will finally have some competition with someone who knows exactly what they're made of.

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