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Hi all, I have a Vista 20P and I'm trying to set up the partitions. I have two areas that only certain people can access - I've set these up as Partitions 1 + 2. My main problem is with the users that only have access to Partition 3(common area). As it stands now, P-2 is almost always armed. I want to be able to arm P-1 before the people in P-3 leave and have a P-3 user arm P-3 on the way out, thus causing the entire system to be armed. Is there a way to make this happen without having everyone leave and a P-3 user disarms, or am I screwed and need more partitions?

Thanks for any help.

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I think you are using wrong panel for what you want to do the vista

50P and on up have a common arm partition and does exactly what you want have a couple of doctors offices where i use this set up.
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Yeap, a V20P can't do 3 partition. A common partition is just what it is, a common area between P1 & P2. Cheaper to install a second V15/V20P for the

3rd area instead of putting in a V50P
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