Unlocking a Honeywell Vista-21IP

I have a unique situation where I believe a former business friend of mine has been calling up alarm panels and locking them out.

To make it short, we were going to do some business together where each of us were to bring some things "to the table" so to speak, but in the end he failed to hold up his end of the bargain and left me paying over $10,000 in material debt that he ran up at one of my vendors.

Now with out getting into some big discussion about the precautions I shoul d have taken, and that I obviously didn't, I have reason to believe he has been calling up alarm panels of mine and locking them out. I mean you canno t enter programming with either my installers code or the * and # keys, Com pass is not also working because I think he also may have changes the CSID.

The reason for my suspicion of this one person is because the issue has onl y affected alarms that I put online during the time we were working togethe r. I had other alarm accounts that seem to not be affected by the problem. We never had a partnership, no papers were signed or written for that matte r, and I got left holding the bag. The alarms are still working to arm and disarm and the Central Station is still getting signals under my own accoun t numbers. It appears this was more done to be a jerk.

I know that you use to be able to get in a back door on a DSC panel by shor ting the eeprom, but am not aware of anything like that for the Honeywell ( Ademco) line.

I have ordered Panel unlocker to see if I can get into the Vista-20P's that I have, but I don't see where this device will work on a Vista-21IP. Any h elp would be appreciated.

P.S. I contacted Honeywell Tech Support and they tell me they can do it, bu t I have to supply them with the CSID. The problem with that is if I knew t he CSID I would be able to get into the system myself. Seems like whomever the culprit is knew what they were doing.

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I wonder if some of the anti-computer hacking and wire fraud laws would apply? It wouldn't hurt to call the FBI and ask. ^_^


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The Daring Dufas

Some versions of the Vista 20P panels automatically keep you from getting back into programming from keypad with out first powering down panel and th en hitting *# at same time to get back in . if you power down panel then h it *# and it does not let you get in then it has been locked out only way t o avoid this is to get in and change the csid on your accounts with compass before some one else does . the panel unlocker should work all the 21IP do es is add alarmnet service otherwise its a vista 20p

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