Honeywell Vista 20P

I inadvertently defaulted a Vista 20P panel with 30-some RF transmitters, including one RF PIR and one RF smoke sensor. After reprogramming I am confronted with the following problem: When I violate a zone, that zone will show up on the keypad as open. When I restore that zone, it still shows up as open. I violate a second, third, etc zone, all those zones show up as open, but continue to show open after closing the door or window. The only way to get rid of the fault messages is to get in and out of installer programming. What am I doing wrong?

The zones are programmed as contact ID. In *56 I am fairly certain as to what to put in Zn, ZT, and P. I am a bit more shaky as to what to put in RC, IN:, and L. For the latter three I put throughout RC = 10, IN: = RF, and L = 1.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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You're probably not giving the panel, receiver and points enough time to check in. Go in and out of programming once and then leave the system alone for a while, then check points. Vista stuff can be finicky that way.

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Crash Gordon

If you are using the built in reed switch in the transmitter then you have to program the zone to L2 not L1. "L" means (loop or input ) Loop 1 is used when the contact is wired directly to the terminals inside the transmitter with an external contact and magnet. You must also re-enroll each transmitter again if you defaulted the panel. Smoke and motion detectors are loop 1


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Roger W

My advice is to get someone who knows what they are doing to work on it, just the fact that you defaulted it speaks volumes

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There's your problem...

Try faulting the zones - when you violate them they get all moody and end up in therapy for PTSD.

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